Kitchenaid was started in 1919 by the Hobart Corporation and originally produced stand mixers and saw increased brand awareness in the 1980’s to becoming one of the top American kitchenware brands. They produced only mixers until 1949 when they expanded and introduced the Kitchenaid Dishwashers and refrigerators in 1986. By having celebrity chefs use their products in the 1980’s brand awareness increased three folds making Kitchenaid a top American brand.

Best Kitchenaid Toasters in 2021

KitchenAid 2-Slice Toaster with Manual High-Lift Lever and Digital Display(Click for full Review)


This Kitchenaid toaster features two wide slots that are 1 1/2 inches wide for thicker bread, bagels and english muffins. This all metal construction also includes several features such as a defroast, reheat, bagel, cancel and keep warm options. It also features a digital timer that tracks progress and shows which toasting shade and function you’ve chosen. Another convenient feature is the cord being stored underneath for easy storage. The design is nice and features a unique red color that’s unlike the typically white or black colors for a toaster. All in all the Kitchenaid 2-slice is a good choice for a toaster; it toasts well and evenly and is fairly priced.  4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

KitchenAid 4-Slice Toaster with One-Touch Lift/Lower and Digital Display(Click for full Review)


Featuring the Kitchenaid staple of wider toaster slots; the 4-slice also includes additional features like the one-touch control which raises and lowers bread on demand despite being in the middle of a cycle. It also includes an LCD display to show toast progress and toast shade. Finally it has a nice cool metal touch giving it a sleek finish that looks good in any kitchen. It does toast a little unevenly as it toasts slightly more on one side than the other which is disappointing considering its $100 plus price point. Its alarm that signals when toast is done is a bit on the loud side especially during a quite morning.  The 4-slice is a good toaster that we recommend despite the slightly uneven toasting it still toasts very well and lasts a long time. 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

KitchenAid Toaster – Candy Apple Red Pro Line Toaster(Click for full Review)


A unique looking toaster that comes with a whole host of smart and brilliant features. It features an automatic life and lower which will lower bread into the self centering rack when it senses that you’ve placed bread into the slot then waits for the bread to get to the desired shade before lifting it back up. Another novel feature is the auto warm functions that notices if the toast hasn’t been removed in 45 seconds so it lowers it back down to keep warm up to 3 minutes. Lastly you can choose between 7-shade settings for how light or dark you want your toast. Most people will never want a toaster that’s $250 but this is a very solid toaster that does all it sets out to accomplish very well. The color is unique and looks great that will command attention in your kitchen and it toasts evenly using its smart features. 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

KitchenAid Countertop Oven(Click for full Review)


A 19 pound toaster oven that functions as a full oven with 12″ capacity capable of fitting large foods such as frozen pizzas, several types of bread, four chicken breasts and up to 6-slices of bread at once. It can bake and broil with a timer that goes up to 60 minutes and includes a full width crumb trey. Its interior is covered in a non-stick coating which makes cleaning up a breeze. The countertop oven has a great size with lots of controls that are easy to figure out and use. The main fault with this toaster is its inconsistent heating. There were several times when it would over cook the food and start smoking. If left alone it could easily burn out and in some cases it has. It has also been known to stop working randomly after a few months.  The countertop oven has good features but its heating problems hold it back from being a great toaster. I would approach this one with caution. 2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)