Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Cool Touch Toaster

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  • automatic shut off
  • toast boost
  • Auto-eject removable crumb tray
  • Extra-wide 1.5-inch slots
  • Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 12 inches
  • 6 pounds
  • Each side of the toaster works independently
  • Frozen Toast and Frozen Bagel feature


The Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Cool Touch Toaster is two toasters put together functioning as one basically. The dual toasters can be operated separately or simultaneously, and can have different settings. Each toaster has the options for Frozen Toast, Frozen Bagel, bagel and cancel with verifying degrees of darkness. The Frozen Toast/Bagel setting adds more time automatically to account for thawing and the cancel button interrupts the toasting process. It has a pull out crumb trey built in the front of the 4 slice for easy pull out and cleaning. The cord is attached to the back and extends long enough for some flexible movements.


After the Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Cool Touch is done toasting the toast doesn’t extend high enough so you have to fish out the toast. The toaster is still hot from toasting making it easy to burn yourself. It’s a bit slow when heating up and the inside heating element don’t toast as much as the outside coils. Some customers have reported defective units but they are covered under warranty.


We recommend the Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Cool Touch Toaster because of its low price point and based on the fact that it works well with having two toasters in one. The options of Frozen Toast, Frozen Bagel, bagel and cancel are basic but work well with different shade settings. On the negative side the lift doesn’t extend toast high enough making you have to fish for your toast or use tongs. The inside heating elements aren’t as effective as the outside ones resulting in some uneven toasting