Dualit 4-Slice Toaster

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  • wide 28mm slots to accommodate a Sandwich Cage
  • award winning ProHeat elements
  • removable crumb tray
  • adjustable rear foot
  • Comes with a sandwich cage and a warming rack
  • Dimensions: 15.3 x 10.3 x 10.1 inches
  • 10.2 pounds
  • 4-minute timer knob for different levels of browning
  • Auto shutoff, removable crumb tray, adjustable rear foot


An old fashioned looking toaster that looks great in the kitchen with an insulated stainless steel body that keeps the toaster from getting hot. All parts are replaceable so that instead of buying a new toaster when a part breaks you can easily replace that part and keep the 4-Slice going. There is a knob that lets you raise the toast to check progress of how toasted it is. The defrost feature works very well and is one of the best features in this toaster. There are several accessories you can buy for the  Dualit 4-Slice. A sandwich cage for an easy way to make grilled sandwiches right in the toaster, and a warming rack to sit over two burners and toast a cut side down thick bagel.


A big complaint against the Dualit 4-slice is its price and the lack of novel features at that price level. The timer has been reported to be malfunctioning from some customers. It would ring after the toasting time was up but the toaster would continue toasting despite the timer being done. This is an unnecessary fire hazard that Dualit’s response to customers was to find another timer. The brand is also a UK one meaning that the parts for repair are all in the UK so replacing a broken part is somewhat costly. It toasts somewhat unevenly


The Dualit 4-Slice Toaster is a great toaster in design but unfortunately  breaks too easily for its price point of $300. It almost seems like this was intentional to get people to be replacement parts from Dualit. The faulty timer is another huge problem because it could be a potential fire hazard. On the upside the 4-slice looks great and has several accessories such as a sandwich cage and a warming rack that work well. The 4-slice is good toaster but the price is too high for the problems it has and the lack of other features